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Vision Care

Corrective eyeglasses (lenses and frames), contact lenses or laser eye surgery when prescribed by an optometrist or ophthalmologist up to $500 per individual every 24 months for you, your spouse and dependent children, including repairs. Routine eye examinations performed by registered, licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist are covered up to $75.00 every 24 months for individuals aged 20 to 64.

Contact lenses when prescribed by a licensed ophthalmologist for ulcerated keratitis, severe corneal scarring, keratoconus (conical cornea) or aphakia, provided sight can be improved to at least 20/40 level by contact lenses but cannot be improved to that level with spectacle lenses, up to a lifetime maximum benefit of $500.

Treatment or diagnostic services of an optometrist or ophthalmologist for surgery, eye injury or disease, including prosthetic lenses and frames, up to a lifetime maximum benefit of $1,000.

Visual training and remedial eye exercises by a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist, up to a lifetime maximum benefit of $500.