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Reimbursement can be made electronically through CDA Net. Simply present your Local 46 Medavie Blue Cross ID card to your dentist. If your dentist cannot use the electronic transaction network, complete and submit a dental claim form with original receipts. You may use the claim form provided by Medavie Blue Cross or by your dentist. Mail the completed form to, or drop it off at, Medavie Blue Cross, or drop it off at the Benefits Office, with all receipts attached.

If more than one of you or your dependents is going to the dentist, complete a separate claim form for each individual.


The Plan provides 100% reimbursement of routine treatments, 90% of major treatments, subject to a annual maximum benefit of $2,000 per individual for routine and major services combined. There is a concurrent lifetime maximum of $2,000 per individual for major treatments. Note that both limits apply and no benefit is payable if either limit is reached.

The different treatments covered under each category are outlined below. Show these to your dentist before commencing any dental treatment.