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Overview of Your Benefit Plan

If you are a member of Local 46, you are eligible to be covered by our comprehensive benefit and pension arrangements that are the result of collective bargaining on your behalf.

Local 46 strives to ensure that you are protected in the event of certain events such as your sickness or disability and that you and your family are covered for medical and dental expenses. In addition, as a member of Local 46 you may be eligible to participate in one of two pension plans to help you prepare for retirement. And there are other programs such as life insurance and a Supplementary Unemployment Benefit program.

How to Navigate this Web Site

All of these benefits are described in this web site. Just click to the applicable section for a description. In addition, a full description can be found in the Local 46 Benefit Plan Booklet that is available from the union office

Funding Your Program

The program is funded by contributions that are received from your employer and in some cases from direct pay amounts from members. These contributions are paid into trust funds that are administered by the firm Benefit Plan Administrators Limited, a company based in Mississauga. In this description they are referred to as the Benefits Office.

The benefits provided under the plans depend on the ability of the trust funds to pay for them. In this respect, the Trustees reserve the right to reduce benefits if they believe the trust funds are unable to support the benefit levels provided under the plans.

Administration or Your Plan

The administration of most parts of the program is handled by the Benefits Office acting on behalf of the Trustees. However, for your Health and Dental benefits, you should deal directly with Medavie Blue Cross. If you need further assistance, you may contact the Benefits Office as it is online with Medavie Blue Cross and is available to help you.

How to Claim and Who to Call?

A selection of claim forms is provided in this web site so if you are making a claim for Health or dental benefits, merely print off the appropriate form and follow the instructions.

If you have questions about your eligibility for benefits or want to know other things about your program or entitlements, you may call the Benefits Office at 905-247-4646 or 1-844-468-4646. These are dedicated lines for Local 46 members and they will be pleased to help you.

If you have questions about your Health or Dental benefits, please call Medavie Blue Cross first at 1-888-873-9200. If you need further support, feel free to call the Benefits Office.

Your union is pleased to provide this program to you and your family.

The Trustees