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Low Rise Death Benefits

What is Paid to My Beneficiary if I Die?

If you should die before you retire, your spouse will receive an amount equal to the total value of the vested portion of your account. You may designate a beneficiary who will receive the benefit if you do not have a spouse at the date of your death. If you should die after retirement, the amount payable to your beneficiary will be in accordance with the form of annuity you select when you retire.

How do I Designate a Beneficiary?

You may designate a beneficiary at any time on a form that you can obtain from the Benefits Office. If you fail to name a beneficiary in writing or your nominated beneficiary predeceases you and you have not appointed another, any payment due under the Plan to your beneficiary will be made to your estate. Note that if it is determined that you had an eligible spouse on the date of your death, the death benefit will be paid to that person.