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Life Insurance


In the event of your death from any cause $120,000 will be paid either in a lump sum, or installments to the beneficiary you have named. You may change your beneficiary (within the limits set by the law) at any time by completing a form which is available from the Benefits Office.

To initiate a life claim process, your beneficiary should obtain from the Benefits Office a Group Life Claim Report. This should be completed and sent to the Benefits Office together with two ORIGINAL Death Certificates or Funeral Director’s Statements of Death.

Your beneficiary should also contact the Union Hall with regard to any Mortuary and Burial Expense benefits that might be payable.

If there is no named beneficiary, additional documents will be required.

All documents should be copied before submission to the Benefits Office. Neither the originals nor copies will be returned.


An advance payment of up to 50% of the Life Insurance benefit can be paid out if you suffer from a terminal illness. Your attending Physician must certify that your life expectancy is no longer than twelve months.

Interest will be charged on the amount advanced. The interest rate may change from time to time. The amount advanced, plus interest, will be deducted from the death benefit, paid to the designed beneficiary.

Appropriate releases will be necessary and these must be completed before any payments can be made. Contact the Benefits Office for details and forms.


If your coverage is terminated on or prior to your 65th birthday you can apply within 31 days and without medical evidence for an individual life insurance policy for one of the standard plans issued by the Great-West Life Assurance Company. The amount of life insurance you elect under the individual policy can be equal to or less than the amount of life insurance coverage you had when coverage terminated. The premium for the individual policy will be the amount applicable to the type and amount of the policy and to your attained age on the effective date of the policy. During the 31 day period following the termination of the group policy, the life insurance coverage remains in force and if your death should occur, the death benefit would be payable under the group policy.


In the event of the death of your dependents (provided they are covered for benefits under this Plan when death occurs) the plan will pay $10,000 on the death of your covered spouse and $5,000 on the death of each of your covered dependent children. The Dependent Life Insurance policy terminates upon your retirement.

To initiate processing of a claim, obtain the appropriate forms from the Benefits Office. These forms, together, with evidence of death and dependent status of the deceased, should be sent to the Benefits Office. All documents should be copied before submission to the Benefits Office. Neither the originals nor copies will be returned.

Note: Premiums paid for the Life Insurance, Dependent Life Insurance and AD&D benefits is a taxable benefit. At the end of each year, you will receive a T4A slip for the total premiums paid during the year for these benefits. This must be included in your income for the year and you must file the T4A with your tax return. No taxable benefit will be reported for the period during which you paid direct or were on assisted coverage.


If your spouse’s dependent life insurance terminates on or prior to his or her 65th birthday, such terminated dependent life insurance can be converted, without evidence of insurability, to an individual policy of insurance (subject to certain conditions). Dependent Life Insurance on your children cannot be converted to an individual policy.